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Rare Film - Not available anywhere else as I've seen... Is this Bruce Lee?

Message to members of Earle's Academy Ving Chun Kuen, and Earle's Academy Lineage (Of which Man Sau Gwoon is a part) who are registered members of the Association

Can you identify the Wing Chun school? Is this Bruce Lee? You watch, you decide. This is a copy of a very rare 3 minute x 8 mm film from perhaps the late 1960's that came into my possession circa 1975. When I was given this film I was told by that person that they believed that Bruce Lee had been filmed training while on a visit to a Wing Chun school.

Appears to have been filmed covertly, lending some credibility to the belief that this footage is of Bruce Lee, & watching it over the years each time I begin by asking myself, is this Bruce Lee? And each time I am convinced it is. But you watch, you decide. Regardless, this is very rare footage of Wing Chun from that era.

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